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Nr 6(990) (2020) The Effects of Nostalgia-based Advertising on a Toy Company’s Brand Equity: The Example of the LEGO Group Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Kamil Lubiński
Nr 5(977) (2018) The Foresight Approach to Researching Innovative Activity in High-tech Businesses Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Elena V. Sibirskaya, Katerina A. Shestaeva, Pavel A. Smelov, Lyudmila V. Oveshnikova
Nr 8(968) (2017) The Impact of EU Law on Consumer Protection in Real Estate Development Contracts (Pre-construction Contracts) Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Jan Lic
Nr 10(970) (2017) The Impact of European Funds on Public Expenditure in Poland Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Alina Klonowska
Nr 6(990) (2020) The Importance and Consolidation of Family Businesses in the Contemporary Economy Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Agnieszka Thier
Nr 9(933) (2014) The Importance of HRM in Creating Employee Innovativeness - The Mediating Role of Person-Organisation/Job Fit and Job Characteristics Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Agnieszka Wojtczuk-Turek
Nr 9(933) (2014) The Learning Value of the Job as a Driver of Employee Commitment and Job Satisfaction in Public Organisations Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Izabela Marzec, Aldona Frączkiewicz-Wronka, Janusz Strużyna
Nr 9(957) (2016) The Macroeconomic Effects of German Fiscal Austerity under Different Exchange Rate Regimes: The Experience of Central and Eastern European Countries Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Viktor Shevchuk, Roman Kopych
Nr 1(985) (2020) The Moderating Role of Perceived Organisational Support in the Relationship between Employees’ Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organisational Commitment Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Anna Wójcik-Karpacz, Jarosław Karpacz
Nr 9(933) (2014) The Organisational Engagement of Manual Labourers in a Transnational Corporation Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Surapone Ptanawanit
Nr 12(960) (2016) The Paradox of Global Civil Society Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Joanna Dzwończyk
Nr 5(941) (2015) The Problem of Zero Cells in the Analysis of Contingency Tables Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Justyna Brzezińska
Nr 8(956) (2016) The Quality of Salted Potato Chips Available on the Polish Market Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Michał Halagarda, Grzegorz Suwała
Nr 4(988) (2020) The Relationship between Debt Capacity Base and Structural Risk: Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Piotr Cirin
Nr 9(933) (2014) The Relationship between How Compensation Is Configured and the Level and Components of Commitment to Work – Findings Based on Allen and Meyer’s Organisational Commitment Scale Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Tomasz Kawka
Nr 1(995) (2022) The Relationships between Social Security Funds and Macroeconomic Changes. An Empirical Analysis of the EU-CEE Countries Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Barbara Pawełek, Alina Klonowska
Nr 6(984) (2019) The Right of Reflection and Comparison in Mortgage Loan Agreements according to Directive 2014/17/UE and Its Recent Implementation in Spanish Legislation Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Esther Hernández Sainz
Nr 12(972) (2017) The Significance of the Country of Origin Principle for the Conflict of Laws Issue of Unfair Commercial Practices Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Edyta Figura-Góralczyk
Nr 4(988) (2020) The Similarities and Differences between Earnings Management and Fraud Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Sylwia Czakowska
Nr 5(977) (2018) The Technical Efficiency of Russian Retail Companies: An Empirical Analysis Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Elena Rogova, Alina Blinova
Nr 9(969) (2017) The Types of Business Risk Identified in Integrated Reporting Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Katarzyna Chłapek
Nr 4(982) (2019) The Use of Blockchain Technology in Agriculture Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Mustafa Cem Aldag
Nr 901 (2013) Towarzystwa ubezpieczeń wzajemnych jako podmioty sektora ekonomii społecznej w świetle badań Streszczenie   PDF
Maria Płonka
Nr 3(993) (2021) Trade Heterogeneity in the EU: Insights from the Emergence of COVID-19 Using Time Series Clustering Streszczenie   PDF (English)
Dwijendra Nath Dwivedi, Abhishek Anand
Nr 1(973) (2018) Tradycyjne i nowoczesne formy budowania sieci bankowej w Polsce Streszczenie   PDF
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